Being Part of the Ives Community 

In addition to academics, students at Elizabeth Ives engage in a variety of other activities designed to enhance their growth and development.  Our students all have opportunities to participate in activities in the community.  Some of our older students have internships on and off site.  Our life skills students engage in functional activities in the community, such as shopping, recycling and volunteering.  The community at large is also used as a teaching tool.  Our community has many valuable educational sites that include local historical societies, nature habitats, libraries, museums and more.  


Our students also engage in community activities where they practice giving back to the greater good.  As shared, they do recycling activities, gardening, they work with senior citizens, collect for local food banks, as well as help prepare for our annual Gratitude Day when we invite friends and families from the Ives School Community and express our thanks to all who have supported our students and the school.   

Mrs. Nancy Beach, our school social worker, provides individual and group counseling for our students.  She also teaches them mindfulness and other techniques that they can use to better deal with strong emotions and cope with the challenges of everyday life.  Mrs. Sherry Ellis, our speech language pathologist, works with students who have speech language services in their Individualized Education Program.  Other related services providers, such as those who provide physical and occupational therapy, are provided by the sending school system.


We have had a host of other professionals come in from the community to teach our students various specials activities, such as yoga, karate, and music.

Visual Arts


Mr. French will be faciltating art at Ives School.  He comes to us with a background in graphic design and many talents!

Student Art

Special Electives


Each year, in addition to our academic courses, the students engage in electives (or specials for our elementary students).  This year, students will take part in a special History Through Rock and Roll course as well as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) courses.  Our students seem to really be enjoying these multi-sensory activities!