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Welcome to Ives School
The majority of our referrals come from public schools who are seeking an alternative, therapeutic, state approved, special education placement.  Students with special needs are sent to us through a Central Office Planning and Placement Team meeting at their local school system.
The process for applying to Elizabeth Ives School is as follows:
The sending district forwards a referral packet to Ives School.  This is reviewed by the director and pertinent staff.  If the potential placement appears appropriate, then parents are invited in to learn about and tour the school. Parents/guardians are contacted and a date for an intake visit is set.  

After the visit, if parents and Ives School personnel agree that Ives may be an appropriate placement, then the student is invited to Ives School for a visit where they will sit in on a potential classroom, participate in activities and lessons, and then have lunch with us.  This allows potential students to get a feel for the school as well as allows Ives Staff to better know the student.
If the placement  is deemed appropriate, the a planning and placement team (PPT) meeting is scheduled to arrange placement and transportation.  The State of Connecticut Department of Education has mandated that a PPT meeting take place prior to placement of any student into our program.
Prospective parents are also welcome to call the school if they wish to visit.

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