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Timeless Teachings in a Changing World

Classrooms are generally comprised of four students, a special education teacher and a trained paraprofessional.  Because of our two to one ratio, ​we have the ability to individualize student work.  As an approved, private, special education facility, we are required to provide curriculum based upon Common Core State Standards. 


We teach using a variety of modalities, depending on each students unique learning style.  Our students participate in projects, hands-on activities, and are given a variety of visual and auditory supports.  In addition, we use a variety of  assessment activities that go beyond standard paper and pencil tasks.  For some assessment activities, students may opt to do a presentation, participate in Jeopardy type games, host a demonstration of their knowledge, and more.


Our students also participate in State testing.  When students arrive at Ives School, we conduct baseline assessments to determine each student's instructional level.  We then provide curriculum, modifying it as necessary to meet each student's unique needs.


The teaching of social skills is an integral component of our school day, and happens throughout each day.  We provide opportunities for Social Emotional Learning. Students are taught and practice Dr. Ross Greene's Collaborative and Proactive Solutions in order to develop strategies to meet the challenges they may face.  For more information, please see Dr. Greene's website:  Our social skills curriculum is Choose Love.  Website:

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