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As the 2020-2021 School Year Comes to a Close...


We have had a most challenging year and a half, given the pandemic and all that came with it.  We could not be prouder of our students who persevered through online instruction, a hybrid model of instruction, and finally full time back in person instruction.  They have demonstrated to us that they can deal with diversity and make the best of a very difficult period in all of our lives. Fortunately, tools we've learned to use from Dr. Ross Greene's Collaborative and Proactive Solutions (CPS) and the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Program have helped us by teaching all valuable coping skills which were much needed these past several months.

We look forward to our "new normal", knowing that since we got through this year, we can get through anything!  


This year we also say hello to Ms. Ashley (one on one paraprofessional) and new teachers Ms. Erica Rowe (Life Skills) and Ms. Marley Kennedy (Middle School).  They are all doing a wonderful job and we welcome them to the Ives Community.

 Past Celebrations!
  • We had one graduate this past year whose celebration was done via a drive by.  This year, we had an in person graduation with some extra safety precautions.  Congratulations, Michael and Justin on your graduation.

  • We had two graduates the prior year and sent warm congratulations to John and David.  We also wish Ben the best in his new program..

  • Victor, Journi, and Paul are all actively engaged in school and/or jobs and doing well


 Congratulations to all of our students for a fine year!


Past Graduates

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Capstone Projects is intended to be an enriching activity which engages each student in a personalized learning experience. The project can take many shapes and should be driven by the student’s interest and abilities.  Each project will need to meet specific academic expectations and the established timeline. Past Projects included ​working to collect food for the poor and homeless as well as a "Take Back the Night" project dedicated to keeping our children safe.


  • Develop a project that meets your skills and interests as an independent learner and meets a community need.

  • Demonstrate the ability to present final projects

  • Demonstrate the ability to research and organize materials and resources

  • Demonstrate an ability to effectively use interpersonal skills and time management to solve problems

  • Write a reflective piece on the project and process

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We again express our gratitude to the North Haven Knights of Columbus who have always
Each month, we have a themed Community Day Meeting that is based upon a predetermined theme.  We have done science day and had a giant blow up planetarium brought to the school, we've done Holidays Around the World, we've done Recycling, Kindness, Supporting Our Community, an Annual Gratitude Day, and more.
In addition, we hold an annual Ives School Peace Prize ceremony, where students and staff vote on a student who has consistently demonstrated caring and kindness to others at the school.
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